Halebidu and Belur temples were built during Rule of King Vishuvardhana (900 years ago) and his wife Shantaladevi of the Hoysala Empire.
The temple is one of the finest examples of Hoysala architecture. It was built by king Vishnuvardhana in commemoration of his victory over the Cholas at Talakad in 1117 CE. Legend has it that it took 103 years to complete and Vishnuvardhana's grandson Veera Ballala II completed the task.
B. They built these to support the Hindu tradition (under the guidance of Sri Ramanujacharya) as it was the time of Mughal rule invading india
C These two temples are star shaped if you see it from aerial view
D. Belur has 42 stones carved especially for dancing statues of ladies each depicting different poses of Bharatanatyam
Chennakeshava Temple
Chennakeshava Temple Front

Sehadri Shared his journey and love the history of these places and trying to collect as much as information !! For same reason I even hired a guide !! He also shared about Halebidu, please check that as well

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