NH4 Road Trip Part 3

NH4 road drive one road, which connects entire Andaman. It is 340 km from south to north. Chiriyatapu is southern most of Port Blair that’s where NH4 Starts and end at bottom saddle peak, which is Lamiya bay. Out of 340 kms we have covered 311 km. The remaining 29 kms is from port Blair to Chiriyatapu. Every one knows about other national highways except NH4.

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Here I am going to talk about third part of journey starting from Pristine beach resort 

Day 4: 28/04/2017

Woke up early around 3 am and started our journey to port Blair (3:45 am) with some small stops in between. We have Maari anna with us as he is coming to Port Blair to treat his broken hand.
We had coffee at small stall then we stopped to take pictures for some Eagles and pheasants. Managed to get a picture of an eagle.
2 days when we were driving up north it was dark and I didn't had a chance to admire the roads and nature for the final bit. As it is early and bright I am making it up now. Roads are curvy and nature is beautiful.

Suns up an hour before us and everyone up so early and start working pretty early. I think this why they look so healthy

If a slow moving vehicle or a heavy vehicle is blocking the road then if you beep horn once or blink lights. They will pull over and give you way. It is such a good thing everyone does. Wish this happened everywhere.

We stopped by Dhani nalla mangrove walkway. It is very beautiful and the air got some sent in it. We went to beach a very massive shoreline.
Then we went two more beaches, which are along sane shoreline.
Then had breakfast at same hotel we had on our way to Diglipur. Food here is cheap and tastes delicious. We don't get the same taste in restaurants even after paying high prices. On our way up we spent 170 rupees for three of us. Now four of us we spent 240 rupees.
Later we stopped for limestone caves, there are 170 caves but we are only allowed for 1 cave due to safety reasons.

Lime stones are formed from natural process it shines under dark light when exposed to sunlight there will be no calcium and silica formation so it turns dark and dead. There are several pictures, which show their beauty. You have to use your imagination to see the structures. There was about 1.5 km walk from drop off on boat to limestone caves. Good wee walk. Caves are alive and grow every single day. There is a resident geologist who keeps record of stuff.
Last year after the earthquake a part of it was cracked so they have to restrict the access only to certain areas. Wcan see calcium pools bubbling out when we are on boat ride.There was about 20 boats on either sides we were having some racing and fun. Later some stuff to eat and got the boat on to other side and onwards to Port Blair.

When closing to Port Blair we have seen many tsunami-affected areas. It's been 13 years from the effect there have been many changes few them are like less rainfall. There have been many migratory birds made this place as their holiday homes. I don't why they choose this place now not before the tsunami. It is very fascinating to think of these things.
Later reached hotel Haywizz, facilities here were fine except wifi. Later we reached to cellular jail to see light and sound show, there we find wifi to book the tickets. We managed  book tickets and saw the cellular jail, very nice ambiance and saw some thunders.
We stood for national anthem, later show started they have given brief introduction and told when was jail built and how things went. How cruel they are. If anybody has seen Indian movie "Kalla pani" will have a better picture what has happened. 
Later we had some street food and came to hotel and took rest.
DAY 5: 29/04/2017

Got up and had our breakfast. Then we drove to A3 movie theatre for Bahubali movie. We waited for a while to ticket counter to open. We finally got tickets for well-awaited Bahubali.
Movie was very good.

Then had lunch and took a quiet a day.

Later went for walk and did some shopping in Aberdeen bazaar.

Alex phoned from pristine to check on us. It was so nice to see him getting back to us. It was so good of him.

Then it was a quiet night.

DAY 6: 30/04/2017

Had breakfast and it has rained last night. It was still drizzling in the morning as well.
Later we went for cellular jail, science museum, and corbyes cave, and later went up hill for Joggers Park. 
Then head back to airport and way back to home.

Thought my journey stops here and thought to take some rest. But I have to visit my in-laws so I have to be on the road for next 24 hours.

All and all it was nice and all good people around us. Good feeling. We are flying back home with some great memories.

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NH4 Road Trip Andaman-Part 2

NH4 road drive one road, which connects entire Andaman. It is 340 km from south to north. Chiriyatapu is southern most of Port Blair that’s where NH4 Starts and end at bottom saddle peak, which is Lamiya bay. Out of 340 kms we have covered 311 km. The remaining 29 kms is from port Blair to Chiriyatapu. Every one knows about other national highways except NH4.

First part of this journey you can catch here 

Here I am going to talk about second part of journey starting from Pristine beach resort 

DAY 2: 26/04/2017

Got up and went for run. Nice beach for run. Later had breakfast with Alex family, they are really welcoming.

Then we went to Rose and Smith Island with Alex family. It was 15 min boat ride and then we went into seawater and enjoyed. Played volleyball. And walked on the sand bar which connects Rose and Smith Island. We were on Rose Island a big one and smith is a protected area so we need to take another permit to go there.

We didn't have a chance to go there, as we were tired from playing in sea water. Water was so warm and good to sit on seabed and have a chat.

When we took permit to Rose Island police will check for alcohol as it is banned on islands to protect the place.
Followed by we had nice lunch and he'd back to room.
We spoke to Selva hotel manager about tomorrow's saddle peak trek, he said he is going to give us packed lunch and water and guide to go up tomorrow.

We had some coffee and headed into town to pick up some supplies for tomorrow's trek.
While we were in town we popped into local market, it is very good and much more neat and organized than ours. we came back and had dinner and got out packed by breakfast and eggs. Went to bed.

DAY 3: 27/04/2017

Saddle peak trek. Started at 6 am, reached the starting point obtained permits and started walking @ 6:20 am.

Trees here are so big, a type tree called moovati in local language grows only next to sea. 
After 10 min walk we crossed ranger office house on left. Route is well marked with arrows.
You will see sun and hear the sound of waves. So amazing to hear, which you don't get to see everyday.
Later we crossed a stream and came to sitting and viewpoint. We could have taken a route next to shore as tides were big we couldn't do it. But we have shore in our sight. We come across beautiful things like a tree, which opened its stem like wings as it has taken a lot of pressure from stream water. But still survived, nature at its best. Saw some creatures which are local to island. A hermit crab (see pictures).
Red arrow marks are painted on trees to point the route. Forest is so thick and dense that small lower and small trees and plants get less sunlight. So they creep on to bigger trees and climb higher by jumping and creeping on to near by trees and reach high to get sunlight.
We heard a loud and disturbing noise from trees and realized it was a small insect size of butterfly and it makes use of tree barks to echo there small noise. I couldn't take picture because they are fast and ran away. I tried to record the noise. So much background noise of waves dominating it.
We saw an Eagle, so big in wingspan. There are two native eagles, one lives in jungle with small wingspan feeds on chicken and mice and other stuff. Another lives on sea with much bigger wingspan, it feeds on big fish and other birds.
Later we stopped to collect water from stream. Water is so fresh and sweet, and cold. It runs all year. That was three km mark. We got 5 km to go.

Tired pooji ha. (Look picture).

(Playing with natural swing)

We are off from coast and picking up gradient. Sweety was loosing her motivation I had kept my promise to not loose her hand in tough times. We finally managed to reach summit.

We finally reached and Sweety got some sweet smile on face. Then we sat on porch and had sandwich and drink. Enjoyed the views and started our way down.

Sweety says she loved it and would love to do it again. 
We reached summit at 9:45 am, we started at 6:30 am. So it took us 3 hours 15 min.

Started back at 10:30. Reached down by 13:20. So it took us 2 hours 50 min. We would have been a bit early; as it was Poojis first walk we took it slow and steady. She got a blister as she wore wrong foot ware.

(Natural waves)

Reached pristine, stretched our muscles took hot shower, hot food and rest. Later we came out for coffee then we slept.

People are so nice here nothing compared to anywhere in mainland India or anywhere in the world. They are not bothered about money they don't ask you money. They wrote it down and ask you at the end. I was worried and asking them to pay the bill. But they were so laid back and keep on telling me it's fine we can sort it later.
They say comfort first and enjoy and money comes later.
Elsewhere when people talk to you nice that means they need something back from you mostly money like for tips and stuff. Where as here people talk to you so nice warm and welcoming but they never expect anything from you. Don't even see a single thing ok their face to ask for money, the only thing you see is smile and warm welcome.
I hope everyone behave like this and hope we can learn from them. Food is so delicious everything was made to order and fresh from their organic farm. We had a tour of kitchen it was neat and tidy. They showed us the fresh fish "Spanish mackerel".

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