Ammen peer Darga

Sriram sir and Prathap sir visited Ammen peer Darga recently and agreed to share their memories with us.
The Darga (Masjid) is believed to be constructed in 1683. The three centuries of divine wisdom of the place is originally a grave place for the two Sufi saint Perullah Hussaini and Arufulla Hussaini II. The Sufi saints are devotees of Prophet Mohammed who have come to south India and spread the teachings of Islam. Many celebrates visit this place and a large number of Hindus, Muslims and people of different faiths are disciples of the shrine.

Tallpaka, Andhrapradesh

Tallpaka village is famous for being the birthplace of Telugu Saint Poet, carnatic composer, Annamacharya. He was born in 22nd May 1408 and lived in this village till he died in 4th April 1503. Annamacharya said to have composed as many as 32,000 sankeertanas (songs) on the god Venkateswara, of which only about 12,000 are available today. --Thanks to Pratap Sundar sir for his contribution of photos to this blog.
108 feet statue of Sri Thallapaka Annamacharya located on Tirupati-Kadapa bypass road in Rajampet on May 22nd. Chief minister of AP, Dr. Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy unveiled on the occasion of 600th Annamacharya Jayanthi celebrations. 


 See The Beauty of North East by Supta Choudhary Das. Histories india thanks Supta for her contribution


Indian Bangladesh Border

Tools used by Locals, sold in local markets 

Tea plants