I have visited my home town in my trip to India, I love visiting these historic places again again. I manage to took some pictures please have look in to it. 
An 18-meter-high monolithic statue of Lord Buddha towers over the Hussain Sagar lake. Buddha Poornima project was started in 1985. The monolithic statue was chiseled out of a white granite rock, weighting 450 tons, granite rock was brought here Raigiri village near Hyderabad. It was carved by 200 sculptors for two years. The statue was erected on 12 April 1992 on a red colored Lotus pedestal.
Buddha Statue in Hussain Sagar lake
 Moazzam jah market, Hyderabad. It was constructed in 1935 during the reign of the last Nizam, Mir Osman Ali Khan. It was named after his second son Moazzam Jah. Jambagh flower market was a part of the market.
Typical bakery items found in bus stations and railway stations in Hyderabad.
Nampally Railway station, Hyderabad

Indian Sculptures Found in museums

                National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh. India             

Khajuraho, Madhya pradesh, Chandella dynasty, 11 century.  Vishnu, India 16 century 

                                                                                Surya, northeast india,11 century.  

                          Pravathi, south india, 11 century.                Hanuman, India 19 Century.
                      Srilakshmi, South india, 16th Century         Vishnu, Thai-Cambodian border, 11 Century
                             Indra, Java, 11-12 Century.             
Kuvera god of wealth, central india, 10 century.