Warangal is one of the largest city of Telagana state, situated at a distance of 148 kms from Hyderabad city.  It has creditable history, culture passed through from pre-historic times to the present days. It is a historical city that was earlier known as 'Orugallu' or 'Ekashila Nagaram'. This region has provided a strong base foundation of Satavahana and Chalukya emperors and was ruled by Kakatiya kings during 1001-1323 AD. During this period the region was acknowledged as center for cultural development, learning, Art and Architecture made a significant progress. The real beauties of temples located in this area discover the age of old capital of Kakatiya Kingdom. The rich culture and heritage is still maintained till today.

Warangal fort is the one of the tourist attraction in the state which dated back to 13th century. Original date of construction is still uncertain but  Ganapatideva, and that his successors –Rudramadevi and Prataparudra developed this fort and built lot of structures.

You can visit Warangal during weekend holiday from Hyderabad

Warangal has several ancient temples including Thousand Pillars Temple, Swayambhu Temple, Rayaparthy Shiva Temple, Siddeshwara Temple, Inavolu Temple, Veeranarayana Temple, which are popular tourist attractions. The place is also known for its lakes, parks and wildlife. Other tourist attractions of Warangal include Padmakshi Gutta, Musical Garden, Laknavaram Lake, Pandavula Guttalu, Champak Hills Sri, Khush Mahal, etc. 


Kirthi Torana of Kakatiya dynasty which also become symbol of modern Telangana and former Andhra Pradesh, and also for Kakatiya university.

Lake Near Warangal fort

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