Nagarjuna Sagar and Nagarjuna Konda

Mahastupa: This is the principal stupa at Nagarjunakonda and is referred to in the inscription on the Ayaka Pillars as “Maha-Chaitya”, since it contained a bone relic probably, of the Buddha himself. Chamtisiri, a lady of the Ikshvaku line renovated this Mahastupa during the 6th year of the reign of King Sri Virapurushadatta of the Ikshvaku line (3rd century A.D). The construction was carried out under the supervision of the reverend Ananda. The stupa is wheel shaped on plan having a diameter of about 27.5 meters, with Ayaka platforms surmounted by Ayaka pillars at the four cardinal directions.


Old Temple

Chamtasri Chaitya Griha
This Chaitya griha with it's votive stupa was built by queen Chamtasri, sister of vasishthiputra chamtamula for the use of monks living in the adjoining mahvinaya seliya vihara.
Megalith [Circa 2nd century A.D]
This is cist burial representing the methods of disposal of the dead in pre-Christian era, it is marked on the ground by unworked boulders arranged in the circular form. 

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