Rajahmundry is one of the major cities in Andhra pradesh. It is located at banks of beautiful river Godavari. There are many famous people statues got erected in to the city. Have a look in to some of them and photo credit goes to Venkat Polina.
In Daowlaiswaram
Daowlaiswaram bridge

Sri krishna devaraya link to rajamundry is Vengi campaign. King Sri Krishnadevaraya  was the greatest emperor South India has produced. When he ascended the throne in 1509, the political condition of the Vijayanagar Empire was very gloomy. The rulers of Orissa were in possession of coastal Andhra up to Nellore. He started Vengi campaign to capture Rajahmundry, It was captured without any difficulty. 
I respect Sri Krishna Devaraya allot because my mother tongue Telugu literature was developed allot because of his interest towards literature and culture. He appointed telugu poets in his court called Astadiggajalu, they converted Mahabharatam in to telugu and wrote lot of stories in telugu, they still considered one of the great writers of telugu literature.

 Sri krishna Devaraya statue in Daowlaiswaram
General Sir Arthur Thomas Cotton KCSI (15 May 1803 – 24 July 1899) was a British general and irrigation engineer. Cotton devoted his life to the construction of irrigation and navigation canals throughout British India.
Sir Arthur Cotton Statue 

Sir Arthur Cotton Statue

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